Nakazora / The space between flowers II

The space between sky and earth, the place where birds, etc. fly. Empty air… An internal hollow. Vague. Hollow. Around the center of the sky. Or, emptiness. A state when the feet do not touch the ground. Inattentiveness. The inability to decide between two things. Midway. The center of the sky (the zenith). A Buddhist term.

Dictionary Definition of Nakazora


The space between flowers I

If I take small photos, it’s because I want to make them into the matter of memories. And it’s for this reason that I think the best format is one that is held in the hollow of the hand. If we can hold the photo in our hand, we can hold a memory in our hand. A little like when we keep a family photo with us…

I like the idea that photographs are kept and looked at with affection. That is what gives them meaning.

Yamamoto Masao