Young Housewife

If there is any method in the way I take pictures, I believe it lies in this. See the subject first. Do not try to force it to be a picture of this, that or the other thing. Stand apart from it. Then something will happen. The subject will reveal itself.

Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt, "Young Housewife, Bethnal Green, England" (1937)
Bill Brandt, „Young Housewife, Bethnal Green, England“ (1937)

Top Withens

When I have found a landscape which I want to photograph, I wait for the right season, the right weather, and the right time of day or night, to get the picture which I know to be there.

Bill Brandt, „Top Withens on the Yorkshire Moors“ (1945)

One of my favourite pictures of this time is „Top Withens on the Yorkshire Moors“. I was trying to photograph the country which had inspired Emily Bronte. I went to the West Riding in summer, but there were tourists and it seemed the wrong time of year. I liked it better misty, rainy and lonely in November. But I was not satisfied until I saw it again in February. I took the picture just after a hailstorm when a high wind was blowing over the moors.

Bill Brandt