Try to remember some details

Hiroshi Watanabe, „Ellis Island 2, New York“ (from the series „American Studies“)

Try to remember some details. Remember the clothing  / of the one you love / so that on the day of loss you’ll be able to say: last seen / wearing such-and-such, brown jacket, white hat. / Try to remember some details. For they have no face / and their soul is hidden and their crying / is the same as their laughter, / and their silence and their shouting rise to one height / and their body temperature is between 98 and 104 degrees / and they have no life outside this narrow space / and they have no graven image, no likeness, no memory and they have paper cups on the day of their rejoicing / and paper cups that are used once only.

… Try, try / to remember some details.

Jehuda Amichai