Seele im Raum

Eliot Elisofon, "Woman & Crane" (1937)
Eliot Elisofon, „Woman & Crane“ (1937)

Aber nun, wem zeig ichs,
daß ich die Seele bin? Wen
Plötzlich soll ich die Ewige sein,
nicht mehr am Gegensatz haftend, nicht mehr
Trösterin; fühlend mit nichts als

Rainer Maria Rilke, „Seele im Raum“



Zufällig auch noch über den Meister selber gestolpert:

To all appearances, the artist acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing.

Marcel Duchamp

Eliot Elisofon, "Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase" (New York, 1952)
Eliot Elisofon, „Marcel Duchamp descending a staircase“ (New York, 1952)

Great Movie Queen

Most people try to include too much in the picture. If you are photographing a child playing in the lawn, photograph the child, not the trees, the house, and everything else in sight. Photography is really a simple statement and the clearer it is the better.

Eliot Elisofon

Eliot Elisofon, „Gloria Swanson in the Ruins of the Roxy Theatre“ (New York City, October 14, 1960)