Dem Moment Dauer geben

Ich glaube an die künftige Auflösung dieser scheinbar so gegensätzlichen Zustände von Traum und Wirklichkeit in einer Art absoluter Realität, wenn man so sagen kann: Surrealität.

André Breton, „Erstes Manifest des Surrealismus“ (1924)



Flor Garduño - Con Corona, México, 2000
Flor Garduño, „Con Corona“ (México, 2000)

Who knows
if the pomegranate
knows, deep down,
that it has a
different name.
Who knows
if maybe
I too have a
name that is
different from me

Inger Christensen, from „Letter in April“

„Hope“ is the thing with feathers…

There are many roads in Garduño’s photographs: some go to parties, others to graveyards, others, simply to the farmer’s fields. But sooner or later all of them cross that threshold of incense where, uncertainly, nature and art blend so that mankind may have a margin of whimsy, freedom, or significance on the face of the gods.

Carlos Fuentes