Portrait of A.

If they don’t see happiness in the picture at least they’ll see the black. – Chris Marker

A magnolia tree in full bloom, X-
rayed by a streetlamp,
pressed against the windowpane
like someone hopped onto the glass
of the office Xerox and hit copy

A magnolia tree in full bloom, winter
in black and white:      cold, grainy air
and your fingers pointing,       Last April
your husband buried
the two halves of a snake         you shot

your new film about a river
that flows backwards
Rivers, did you know,
are measured by a sinuosity index
in opposite corners

of the yard so one half wouldn’t find
Length as crow flies                divided by
length as fish swims      weight
and counterweight. A magnolia,
framed, a shot looking for       its pair.

Tung-Hui Hu


[By any measure]

By any measure, it was endless
winter. Emulsions with
Then circled the lake like
This is it. This April will be
Inadequate sensitivity to green. I rose
early, erased for an hour
Silk-brush and ax
I’d like to think I’m a different person
latent image fading

around the edges and ears
Overall a tighter face
now. Is it so hard for you to understand
From the drop-down menu
In a cluster of eight poems, I selected
sleep, but could not
I decided to change everything
Composed entirely of stills
or fade into the trees

but could not
remember the dream
save for one brief shot
of a woman opening her eyes
Ari, pick up. I’m a different person
In a perfect world, this would be
April, or an associated concept
Green to the touch
several feet away

Ben Lerner

the PARIS REVIEW: Poets on Photography (Ben Lerner on Chris Marker’s „La Jetée“)

Time wounds all heels

Die Zeit heilt alles, nur nicht die Wunden. Mit der Zeit verliert die Wunde der Trennung ihre wahren Ränder. Mit der Zeit wird der begehrte Körper nicht mehr sein, und wenn der begehrende Körper schon aufgehört hat, zu sein, ist das was bleibt, eine Wunde ohne Körper.

Chris Marker, „Sans Soleil“

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