Where the dance is

At the still point of the turning world… there the dance is.

T. S. Eliot, „Burnt Norton“ (No. 1 of „Four Quartets“)


Latticed Window

That 1978 photogram was the start of our adventures in creating photograms of large objects in the places where we found them. It prompted Renate and me to leave the studio work on location. Until then they were always created in a dark room: you arranged your subjects on the paper and then flashed a light to expose the paper. This time we took our equipment to Lacock Abbey and made a photogram of a fixed subject.

This particular subject was for us not just a window in a building but an iconic window, a window on photography, opened by Talbot. The window is doubly important, because to be able to invent the photograph, Talbot first used photograms to test the light sensitivity of chemicals.

His discovery became a window on the world. I wonder what percentage of our understanding of the planet we live on now comes from photographs?

Floris Michael Neusüss