Last Canto of Paradiso

XXXIII, 46-48, 52-66

As I drew nearer to the end of all desire,
I brought my longing’s ardor to a final height,
Just as I ought. My vision, becoming pure,

Entered more and more the beam of that high light
That shines on its own truth. From then, my seeing
Became too large for speech, which fails at a sight

Beyond all boundaries, at memory’s undoing—
As when the dreamer sees and after the dream
The passion endures, imprinted on his being

Though he can’t recall the rest. I am the same:
Inside my heart, although my vision is almost
Entirely faded, droplets of its sweetness come

The way the sun dissolves the snow’s crust—
The way, in the wind that stirred the light leaves,
The oracle that the Sibyl wrote was lost.

Dante Alighieri, from the Last Canto of Paradiso

translated by Robert Pinsky


3 Gedanken zu “Last Canto of Paradiso

  1. There are so many things to read and discover on your site, I don’t know where to start!! I would love to follow you by getting email notifications. You are in my reader but it gets so crowded in there and slightly overwhelming that I often don’t look for days. But I will always follow the link from my email. Thank you for sharing all these thoughts and findings.

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